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         I realize many people in this culture have gotten disillusioned with the "American Dream"; having a big house, cars, trucks, boats, a wife and kids. What we have not learned is the greatest house you will ever live in is your body; the dwelling you are in right now. If we are not well on the inside, we can have all of the above toys, and still not be fulfilled. The secret to success is also to work on yourself and achieve balance, which brings peace and harmony to your life. I have been guiding people to understand by way of simple and valuable methods. A teacher can open the door to your mind. But a student must be willing to walk through it and utilize the tools which they are given. The mind is like a functions best when it is open.
     I used to be lost in addiction, anxiety, phobias and low self-esteem myself. I sought help in mentors and turned my life around. I am now living free of these burdens. My experiences can benefit others so they too can say:
I am free to be me!
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